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The Icon Factory featured on RTE!

The Icon Factory featured on RTE!

I’ve been part of The Icon Factory team since 2012 and we have seen a huge improvement over that time in the area, largely because of the influence of art. However in recent times, since covid, the atmoshere has changed and we have seen our fair share of hassle.

It is increasingly obvious that the art and culture that was supposed to flourish in Temple Bar is being pushed out, both by criminality and commercial concerns.

At the moment we can’t really comment but The Icon Factory gallery and studio may not be around in Temple Bar for much longer.

Here is a link to a program by RTE on the decline of the area, featuring Aga Szot, the prime volunteer with The Icon Factory. https://www.rte.ie/news/primetime/2023/0830/1402567-temple-bar-arguably-safer-than-ever-says-ceo-of-business-group/?fbclid=IwAR27XabC1Rfx4Eg807p_G3kQH1GvvGRtYWaG6PP_IZJ5QfGVU6WK4QZvUfU

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