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Commissions (Paintings)

Interested in getting a commission done? Great, the best thing to do is to contact me HERE and I will get back to you to discuss the details.I love doing portraits that are full of expression, individuality and personality, and I pride myself in making each one something that will be cherished forever.

Details of Process
The costs are related to the size, time to produce, and media required.  It is my policy to agree prices before any work is undertaken and a of deposit (50% of agreed cost) is forwarded.

How long a painting takes to finish varies from painting to painting. The difficulty of the subject may make the work take longer, but I will provide an estimate to the time before commencement. We will agree a deadline date that works for both of us.

I will recommend the size that may suit the proposed work.  n terms of size of canvas, I’m happy to discuss your preferences (square/ 3:4 ratio/ portrait/ landscape etc), but I will advise if the shape or size needs extra consideration.